What is your favorite atla moment?
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oh god so this was asked a while ago && this is way more than one atla moment, but what do you expect????!? 

  • the ember island players.  the whole fucking episode.  ”i release a sonic wave from my mouth”, “don’t cry, baby.  Jet will wipe out that nasty town for youuuu~”, “that’s a cool Zuko costume, but your scar’s on the wrong side” “i have to admit, Prince Zuko.  i really find you attractive” etc.etc. actual best episode no one can tell me otherwise.
  • the crossroads of destiny - catacombs “the fire nation took my mother away” “that’s something we have in common” if you listen carefully you can hear me screaming with joy in the background
  • the western air temple ~ Zuko practicing his speech is a classic
  • the southern raiders, that whole episode is zutara ninja perfection.  but like esp. when Katara goes “i was the first person to trust you” jfc
  • also in the southern raiders, when Katara’s confronting Yon Rha and he’s like “omg who’s the last waterbender” and she goes “ME!” — because tbh i wasn’t a fan of Katara until that point in time
  • also the agni kai between Zuko and Azula

idk there’s probably more but these are the first that come to mind

Soooo. Thoughts on the finale? I'm curious about how everyone took it. I'm kind of in this in between stage where I loved some things, but with most things I was either neutral or cringing. :P
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Well, from what I’ve seen on my dash, a lot of people are criticizing the show and its finale, while others seem completely into it.

Regarding my thoughts, my feelings for Korra change with the passing hour, but after enough thinking, ultimately, they all align and I feel positive about my assessment.

I agree with you, I enjoyed Tarrlok & Amon’s background very much.  But aside from the story itself, I disliked how there was no build-up to it.  It felt kind of random.  Also, I felt cheated that Tarrlok just knew Amon was his brother.  But okay, that’s just nitpicking.

The part at the end though, where he blew up the ship.  It was unclear, but fantastic nonetheless.  I actually sympathized for Amon.  He seemed humanized for a moment, especially with the thought of starting over with his brother.  It shows he does care, somewhere underneath that malicious facade.  Plus, Tarrlok.  Geez, I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about him.  I expected him to just attack Amon, rather than kill them both, but I was content with their end, no doubt.

Now, onto what I didn’t like…

Mako did not officially break it off with Asami.  Make did not fucking end his relationship.  He told her he cared for her, and we were supposed to infer that they were done.  No, Bryke, you stop beating around the bush, and you end Masami before Mako starts pronouncing his love to Korra.  This was the final straw for me.  My ideals on this ship have completely altered throughout the season, but now I’ve officially walked off the plank.  I guess I am now floating in the ATLA sea, waiting for a new ship to fish me in.

And Mako

I’ve given him so many chances.  I’ve held onto him, hoping that maybe, he would become a better person.  But he’s still a jerkbender, and that interfered with my ability to respect him as a powerful bender.  Lightning is difficult, and his scenes were epic, but I just couldn’t jump out of my seat because Mako doesn’t deserve my respect.  Like you know how Katara said Zuko should’ve been given the “not as much of a jerk as you could’ve been” award.  Mako is the exact hypothetical jerk in Katara’s complaint.  He needs a personality check, and it pisses me off that his actions are brushed aside as acceptable.  They’re not.  I’m just so seriously done with his character.  And please, no one give me this BS about how he’s just a teenage boy and that’s what teenage boys do.  Well, teenage boys at my school have done stupid things, things that have gotten them arrested.  Just because we’re in the supposed “rebel phase” right now, doesn’t justify some of our actions okay.   /rant over.

The loop-holes, though.  And the conveniently timed airbending.  I get that the whole season, Korra needed to master airbending, but the Avatar State would’ve been more ideal for that particular situation.  The Avatar State is a defense mechanism, and triggered by strong emotions and feelings.  It just… doesn’t make sense to me that airbending was the skill she resorted to.  And what bothered me more, is that she mastered the Avatar State in one day.  Aang went through Hell and back to achieve the ability, and Korra just has to talk to Aang, and then it’s okay.  The Avatar State is not given from Avatar to Avatar, it is earned through learning, unlocking your chakras, and attaining spiritual balance.

I don’t think Korra did any of that, and to be honest, Season 2 should’ve been her focusing on her spiritual side—beyond her ability to airbend.

About the cop-out way of restoring Korra’s bending—I didn’t think her bending should’ve been restored this season.  She clearly showed that she feels being the Avatar is her only sense of identity, and that nobody would like her if she was just an airbender.  To be honest, I never saw any hint of such feelings throughout the entire show, but whatever.  The point is, she needed to cope with being a regular bender and realize that her friends love her no matter what before getting back her bending.

Not only this, but also, the whole scenario was less dramatic, because what, she lost her bending and regained it all in a span of five minutes?

I’m comparing this situation to Lin Beifong.  If Lin’s bending was restored immediately after Amon took it away, the effect would not be as powerful.  People wouldn’t be crying their eyes out.  (Though I do have to add that her sacrifice seemed pointless after finding out Tenzin’s family did end up getting captured.)  Korra needed time, to mourn, to grieve, to accept, to learn.  Giving her bending back right when she lost it—I felt cheated.  I felt there could’ve been so much more potential, so much more room for much needed character development.

And of course the whitewashing.  Your skin does not change with age if you are naturally dark-skinned, no matter how much shade you’ve been in.  Unless you have a physical condition that deliberately removes the pigment from your skin, you will have the same skin tone, okay?  I was disappointed with that, especially because I’ve always put ATLA in high regard for having their main characters be POC.

Also, for the anon who asked me my opinion on LOK in general, I will get on that tomorrow-

Welcome to Rose’s ragebox.  Please leave your fandom wank, bullshit, poorly thought-out criticism, and hypocrisy here.  Bonus points if you’re anonymous!1!

Warning: Bryke stans should stay away from this post.  Far away.

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Have you ever said how you feel about Suki? It's just that with all this talk about Asami, I'm reminded about Suki because I feel like she was a Mary Sue as well.
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Okay, well.

I find it hard to dislike Suki, because out of all the characters, I think she embodies feminism best.  Of course, you’ve got Katara who won’t back down to anyone, and Azula who is the hbic, plus every other female on this show…

But Suki.  She leads a group of female warriors and can singlehandedly take down anyone if she wants to.  Not to mention, she made Sokka see the error of his ways and corrected his belief that men are naturally superior to women.

You can’t not respect that.

"I am a warrior, but I’m a girl too."

and this line.  THIS LINE.  This is one of the reasons I love ATLA so much, because females aren’t sex objects, or just girlfriends.  They’re strong, independent, dangerous, intelligent, etc.  The list is endless.  

But back to Suki…, at the same time, I do think she’s too perfect.  Inhumanly perfect.  Before anyone gets on my ass about this, I don’t mean perfect as in smart, pretty, and nice.  I mean perfect as in, there’s little to no character growth, and she shows no weaknesses or unlikeable traits.

I just wish there was more development.  Suki had so much potential and could’ve easily been my favorite character (okay well not favorite because Azula and Zuko, but close).

So yes, I agree with you that she has Mary Sue traits.  But because of my favoritism towards badass ladies, I do end up liking her a good amount.  She’s just not as high up the list as I initially wanted her to be.

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or you know

who's your least favorite atla character?
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